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We are helping international national & regional

Art lovers & Art players – navigate the complex

Art  『•』World


My name is Boris Garreau, founder and CEO of Art Studio 🇫🇷

What we do ?

1 We provide a practical guidance on art about art Advising, Art and heritage tax exemption benefits & risks faced by the art industry.

This is Art counsel.

2 We solve the puzzle of your story through art, ancient or contemporary depending on your environment.

This is modern communication.

The “Brand” Strategy

We give Artists, Collectors, Corporate organizations, art Centers and art Dealers an opportunity to explore new types of creativity with insights based on the market shifts.

We solve – first – the puzzle of your story in a short and visual format whether you are an art professional or an art lover. The idea is to create a link between the public, you and especially your audience. Then, we find together an editorial line and a rhythm. This is the Key of contemporary visibility.

In my opinion, being authentic no longer means anything today, you have to be more direct, simple, consistant and coherent.

You need a strategy to be visible & legit.

In art, we have two huge advantages but there is an – real – access to cross :

_Art is part of our history, we just have to talk about it, the material to communicate is already there.

_Art does not need words to convey messages. For centuries, symbols have given meaning to the actions of artists and those of their Patrons.

However, to combine the meaning and history of art with new social platforms, you will need solid expertise in art and a mastery of social networks…

Today, I see a lot of training in photography, storytelling….Visual marketing in short. At the opposite end of the art world….

We have a different, soft & faster and more efficient approach. Contact us for more information

Why Art & Me ?

Art is a family DNA.  

I also deeply believe that art unites people in a memorable and universal way. What is memorable stays with you and make it powerful. My main goal is to bring an increase in growth to private clients or companies by making them better understand who they are and what they do through an artistic practice, experience or vision.

On IG, every day, I share my visits, through a blog & a vlog, in the best art’s places left unscathed by the hoard🔥 . Since bearly one year only (march 2018), i have 8000 kind & really interesting – followers i talk daily with…My vision works and it is increasing.

Be welcome to join my journey in this exciting and complex artworld🔸🔹🔸

What is My Vision ?

👉🏻  We are living a new phase to access to the most elitist things, art is a part of it. I have been working in art field since more than 12 years. Opening a locked door to a new audience, through my direct and live vision of contemporary art, is my way to inspire all to see & to flourish through more beautiful, original and unique things – artworks – in their daily lives. This is my vision.


I operate in auctions Houses, art fairs, institutions and art galleries with a keen focus on new avenues. I also do all my best to help artists by connecting them with my network, finding space or funding for an exhibition, etc….

The Project Room

Is a Space & a Platform in Le Marais for multidisciplinary emerging artists/practices only on private invitation/limited time.


我认为我们正在经历一种道德上的变化,即高度真实性,模仿以及最接近最精英主义事物的透明度。艺术是其中的一部分。因此,以简单直接的方式向人们和新艺术投资者开启一个灵感领域,分享见解,我自己的视觉效果和当代艺术的愿景 – 作品和生活 – 是我目前的目标。

✅Art Studio France does not accept unsolicited artist submissions anymore. Kindly refrain from sending us unsolicited works of art as we will not take responsibility for returning any that are received. We are grateful for your understanding.

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