『•』 I too had a dream ✨ Have you ever had this feeling when you woke up to meet a caring person in a dream during the night ? An imagined encounter that transforms the first few seconds of the morning with a clear mind & a strange sense of confidence ? I appreciate this moment & the memories that come back to me. I was dreaming of a famous man who paints too. The meeting is unexpected, in the large wooded & mountainous park of a huge hotel complex. Everything is vast except our meeting. I feel curiosity. After introducing me to javelin throwing ^^ (Dreams Aha) 😅 He asks me a question : “What would you most like to do, Boris ?” I see in his eyes the look of the one who has met thousands of people in his life. If my answer is evasive, it is likely that I will immediately disappear from his memory. “To have a TV show on #contemporaryart to create bridges between generations” “Ok ! Why ?” “My driving force is people & how to bring them together” “I believe that art has a universal language. My passion for Arts comes from values, a personal taste & a desire to convey ideas, emotions & dialogue” Last night, on Monday, until midnight, we were constantly rehearsing the new choreography created by Michel & @mia.frye.official It’s sometimes very hard physically. But there is one thing I deeply appreciate because it is rare to me : The values of sharing & total commitment. Each word & gesture carries a will to elevate us. I see new people coming in and out. You have to love it & hold on. Then I see those who are there, who stay & are united. Are they better ? I see that we are together, on the same path… I feel values that I find in Art, which is my field. Even more so, which is part of my DNA. I had a dream… I’m looking now for a video editor for YT…Dms 😉 ✨ And even better, if you know a TV producer👌 whatever the country… Good afternoon to You 😘 🔸🔹🔸