This sculpture by Isabelle de Gouyon Matignon reminds me of the #bauhaus and one of my favourite works, which I regularly read again, on the history – among other things – of Régine Pernoud’s architecture in Paris (2 relevant volumes). I see cubes, a building, a structure in itself and finally a shape that I usually look at. That of a silhouette that could be a dwelling… in the sense of the history of art and modern architecture, in my opinion. I obviously like the colour red very much, I find that it makes this work vibrate and gives a light that makes me see only her here, forgetting even my friends around me. Red is a color that always dances in front of me when I look at it. A color of life. Isabelle’s work, which I don’t know yet, restores images that come to her mind as finite visions of something. Memories, actually? Because in my eyes, here I see the memory of buildings built in the 20th century and sometimes classified as futuristic, while I think that the inhabited forms of our future will be different, more rounded, less imposing, more human, sustainable and accessible… To all. The world is changing fast and new values are shaking up old norms. In 1900, with Art Nouveau, there was already this feeling for me. A feeling can be extinguished and reborn and I can believe that everything is new, long after… I also like very much here the fact that the air and light, as in a work of #francoismorellet that I showed in my feed, crosses this work. After a few seconds of observation, I no longer see a model or sculpture but an entity that lets me free to enter and exit, to go around and even to say that I could surprise her in a room bathed in the sun… For Parisians, don’t forget tonight;) 😘🔸🔹🔸