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Middle Market Number’s 2019

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Sotheby’s 2019 🗞️

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Modern or contemporary balance? ☑️

This sculpture by Isabelle de Gouyon Matignon reminds me of the #bauhaus and one of my favourite works, which I regularly read again, on the history – among other things – of Régine Pernoud’s architecture in Paris (2 relevant volumes). I see cubes, a building, a structure in itself and finally a shape that I usually look at. That of a silhouette that could be a dwelling… in the sense of the history of art and modern architecture, in my opinion. I obviously like the colour red very much, I find that it makes this work vibrate and gives a light that makes me see only her here, forgetting even my friends around me. Red is a color that always dances in front of me when I look at it. A color of life. Isabelle’s work, which I don’t know yet, restores images that come to her mind as finite visions of something. Memories, actually? Because in my eyes, here I see the memory of buildings built in the 20th century and sometimes classified as futuristic, while I think that the inhabited forms of our future will be different, more rounded, less imposing, more human, sustainable and accessible… To all. The world is changing fast and new values are shaking up old norms. In 1900, with Art Nouveau, there was already this feeling for me. A feeling can be extinguished and reborn and I can believe that everything is new, long after… I also like very much here the fact that the air and light, as in a work of #francoismorellet that I showed in my feed, crosses this work. After a few seconds of observation, I no longer see a model or sculpture but an entity that lets me free to enter and exit, to go around and even to say that I could surprise her in a room bathed in the sun… For Parisians, don’t forget tonight;) 😘🔸🔹🔸

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Coachella 2019 ☀️


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Why Art to Me ❓

『•』 I too had a dream ✨ Have you ever had this feeling when you woke up to meet a caring person in a dream during the night ? An imagined encounter that transforms the first few seconds of the morning with a clear mind & a strange sense of confidence ? I appreciate this moment & the memories that come back to me. I was dreaming of a famous man who paints too. The meeting is unexpected, in the large wooded & mountainous park of a huge hotel complex. Everything is vast except our meeting. I feel curiosity. After introducing me to javelin throwing ^^ (Dreams Aha) 😅 He asks me a question : “What would you most like to do, Boris ?” I see in his eyes the look of the one who has met thousands of people in his life. If my answer is evasive, it is likely that I will immediately disappear from his memory. “To have a TV show on #contemporaryart to create bridges between generations” “Ok ! Why ?” “My driving force is people & how to bring them together” “I believe that art has a universal language. My passion for Arts comes from values, a personal taste & a desire to convey ideas, emotions & dialogue” Last night, on Monday, until midnight, we were constantly rehearsing the new choreography created by Michel & @mia.frye.official It’s sometimes very hard physically. But there is one thing I deeply appreciate because it is rare to me : The values of sharing & total commitment. Each word & gesture carries a will to elevate us. I see new people coming in and out. You have to love it & hold on. Then I see those who are there, who stay & are united. Are they better ? I see that we are together, on the same path… I feel values that I find in Art, which is my field. Even more so, which is part of my DNA. I had a dream… I’m looking now for a video editor for YT…Dms 😉 ✨ And even better, if you know a TV producer👌 whatever the country… Good afternoon to You 😘 🔸🔹🔸


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Windows on the (Art) World 📊

『•』Windows on the (Art) World 📊 About this IG post on #buren an in situ installation that I would have seen on the beaches of Deauville this summer, I remind my Parisian friends of the sale at @sotheby ‘s tonight – including this installation – near the Palais de l’Elysée. The very beautiful artworks in Marianne and Pierre Nahon’s collection will, I am sure, surprise us with some surprises. Collector friends who are following me closely, maybe we will see each other tonight on site otherwise there will also be online sales 👌 Look at it and, better still, bid ! Some of these works will most certainly leave quickly to Asia & Museums. In my recent post on pretty umbrellas 🧡, I mentioned a transformation of sales on the secondary market in London at the beginning of this year. A semblance of shyness or… caution. In fact, when I compare London sales in early 2019 with Sotheby’s, Phillips and Christie’s’s upside results in New York at the end of 2018 between the ADAA Art Show and the Armory Show, I start to think that the contemporary & modern art market is in balance. Even if there will still be exceptional collection sales or a very beautiful and sought-after work. What I see is that many sales are now administered with third-party guarantees that greatly reduce risk. Note however that as with the Nahmad family who just seized a painting by Lucio Fontana for $587,844 👌 when there is no guarantee and a reduced reserve, there are also great opportunities to buy well below the estimate…;) I also see positioning in the Houses appear. I recently spoke about the management of “Estate”, i.e. the management (foundation, exhibition, sales…) of the works of a deceased artist. This “market”, initially and naturally covered by art galleries – in direct contact with the artists’ family – gives a new legitimacy to the commitment of a House that is interested in it. The obvious added value for a gallery and an auction house is the trust that heritage traceability brings to the authenticity and therefore the value of a work. Other strategies are still developing, such as at Christie’s, where major changes in modern & contemporary departments have just taken place. I will come back to this later. Regarding this post and tonight’s sale, I really like Sotheby’s bold positioning in the market with new names #noahdavis #loiehollowell – among others… – and a radical change in institutional support for artists beginning to be felt in the market with the success of some female artists and artists of colour. it is the natural way by which quarries and then markets develop….To follow. Cheers 😘 🔸🔹🔸

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Sous une pluie de parapluie ☂️

『•』 Sous une pluie de parapluie ☂️ Même si, pour dire vrai, je préfère de loin les parasols 😉 En chemin vers une exposition inédite d’œuvres d’arts, je suis passé par #levillageroyal – si les grilles de ce passage secret parisien sont ouvertes, c’est un de mes raccourcis favoris en coupant par le bureau de poste de la rue voisine 😉 – Quelle surprise ! Cela m’a rappelé l’installation de #christo 👉 #christoumbrellas au Japon et dans le désert de Palm Springs en 1991…A l’extérieur, il y a un couvercle de nuages gris sur Paris et des contrôles de police un peu partout. Même si je circule facilement, tout d’un coup, à ce moment précis, il faisait beau ! Je ne sentais plus la pression de ce monde fou dans lequel nous sommes. Il y avait des couleurs tout autour de nous ☀️ Je me demande si vous aviez déjà vu cette installation ? Peut-être déjà des dizaines de fois sur Instagram ? 😅🙈 Aha Apparemment, elle a fait le tour du monde en provenance du Portugal. Un pays où je compte bien poser mes valises cette année pour faire quelques galeries. Cette destination recèle quelques futurs espoirs du marché de l’art. A ce propos, je regardais les résultats des ventes cumulées d’art contemporain de cet hiver à Londres et j’ai été un peu surpris. Les datas de Christie’s, Sotheby’s & Philipps montrent que les résultats ont baissés de 16% par rapport à 2018 et que nous revenons aux niveaux d’il y a trois ans…Je savais qu’il y allait avoir de beaux challenge à venir, je l’evoquais en post pour la nouvelle année, entre les foires, les grandes galeries et les maisons de ventes… Parapluies ou pas pas parapluie ? 😉 A suivre donc…Bon lundi à vous, les amis ☂️👉☀️😘🔸🔹🔸

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Les souvenirs d’une nation effondrée ☀️New memories of a people

『•』 Les souvenirs d’une nation effondrée ☀️ #anselmkiefer travaille sur de grands formats avec beaucoup de matériaux (cendres, plomb, sable, béton, végétaux, peinture…) Le premier défi est donc physique Je ne m’en rends pas toujours compte devant une œuvre mais créer des heures et des jours sur une toile d’une telle ampleur est épuisant et, en réalité, cela nécessite une excellente hygiène de vie. Encore aujourd’hui, j’imagine parfois qu’un artiste dont l’art est reconnu est un doux rêveur qui aime la bohème 😅 Or cette catégorie dilettante, hier comme aujourd’hui, et comme dans d’autres activités que l’art, me semble finalement rare. Le sens des choses demande de la réflexion, du temps et la pratique à haut niveau, un exercice répété et quotidien. Une véritable transhumance pour, comme ce que je vois dans ce tableau, franchir des étapes – personnelles et ici formelles – et transformer sa vie et la manière de la montrer. Je pourrais dire simplement, pour réussir à exprimer qui je suis. J’aime le travail d’Anselm parce qu’il m’est impossible de rester impassiblesm devant son travail : Le format est comme une vaste forêt devant moi, il m’attire, mais c’est juste dû à mon premier regard. La densité, elle, tous les détails que je vois dans cette étrange forêt – comme la forêt noire en Allemagne – ces matériaux figés, qui me semblent pourtant en mouvement, achèvent de me convaincre que ce travail vibre comme une chanson sourde pleine de mots glorieux. J’ai l’intuition de chacune de ses œuvres me serre avec force dans ses bras pour me donner un message dans le creux de l’oreille. A travers son œuvre, je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais je ressens la force et le désespoir – dissimulé fièrement ou mis de côté pour avancer – du peuple de Prusse et d’Allemagne. Ce pays aurait dû être celui du XXieme siècle. Je pense à Bach, Beethoven, Kant, Goethe, Novalis et Friedrich…Toutes ces inspirations qui ont sombres après après des conflits si meurtrier que je n’arrive encore pas à les comprendre. . Être un artiste allemand depuis 1945, je l’oublie vite, c’est aussi porter une charge historique lourde. M générations…Un post est trop court pour tout dire, peut-être aurais-je l’occasion d’écrire d’avantage sur Anselm 👌🔸🔹🔸

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Christie’s Paris Last Numbers 🇫🇷

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2019 High Level Market Trends in progress 😎

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