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Happy holidays 🎄✨

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Photo Mobile Phone Time ✨

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Sold—And For How Much—in Miami 18 🔸🔹🔸


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Meet a place 🏡

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Art market Trend ☀️ 12/13 18 Fangor Sale at Christie’s

🇫🇷 Le M67 de Wojciech Fangor a fait 237 500 $ lors d’une première vente en ligne Christie’s Open sur une estimation élevée de 150 000 $. Parallèlement à cette vente, une œuvre d’une valeur de 40 000 $ à 60 000 $ a rapporté 187 500 $. Ces deux ventes sont importantes en raison des récents prix observés pour Fangor en Pologne et dans les ventes du jour de novembre. Ils sont également un indicateur de l’augmentation des valeurs observées dans les ventes en ligne seulement.

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Art market Trend ☀️ Wojciech Fangor Sale at Christie’s

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Artprice Post-1945 Artists  ☔👉☀️

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Politis : Prises de position 🛎️

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A gesture suspended in space 🌔

『•』 A gesture suspended in space 🌔 Yesterday, a teenager at home asked me why the sculpture – a mobile – suspended from the ceiling was a work of art. I asked him : “Why are you looking at it ?” Silence. Then I show him with a smile my two fine bamboo chimes hanging from a wooden beam a little further on “What difference do you feel ? “It’s the sculpture I’m looking at…” 😚 “Both come to life with a draught or movements we make in the room. One sounds and the mobile has 2 colours on (back/front), a fine thread and shapes changing constantly. You can imagine the gesture of the artist, his gaze & movements of his working hand, do you ? ” ✨ “Is that what a work of art is ?” “If it captivates you, it might 😉 ” ” A free motion sculpture reminds me also that our world evolves outside our desire for control, sometimes we just have to let it roll” “You go far away ^^… ” Aha. Then he continued to watch the sculpture transform before his eyes. I enjoyed this moment, as I like to do in museums, by observing the still reactions – sometimes intense – of the viewers. Read their emotions, a gesture, a smile, a look of incomprehension and always a moment suspended and then someone who comes to get them “Where were you ?” Exactly the question I ask myself each time ! Where are they in the present moment ? That’s why I chose Carlos’ sculpture in this pic with drops – like thoughts – of water in suspension🔸🔹🔸

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Blockchain ⛓️

Nb : I summarize here my answer to a dialogue on LinkedIn about the blockchain, notably proposed by the company above 🙂

I understand the interest in the blockchain and I note with great curiosity the access to private collections by this means. It remains to be seen the question of insurance and “eyes only” collections…. In my opinion, these solutions will depend more on the decision-makers in place on the art market today than on the offers offered.

For the time being, this is too much like an investment fund for me.

At the beginning, Mr. Slabodchikov talks about IA, I agree with him and therefore, personally, I will focus on a global vision more today than on a single service.

To Follow 🔸🔹🔸

🇫🇷 Je vous résume ma réponse à un dialogue sur LinkedIn à propos du blockchain, notamment proposé par la société ci-dessus 🙂

Je comprends l’intérêt pour le blockchain et je note avec une grande curiosité l’accès à des collections privées par ce moyen. Reste à voir la question des assurances et des collections “eyes only”…

A mes yeux, ces solutions vont plus dépendre des acteurs-decideurs en place sur le marché de l’art aujourd’hui que des offres proposées.

Pour l’instant, l’offre ci dessus s’apparente trop, à mes yeux, à un fond d’investissement.

Au début, Mr. Slabodchikov parle d’Ai, je suis d’accord avec lui et donc, personnellement, je miserai sur une vision globale plus que sur un seul service.

A suivre…☀️

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